What is a franchise?
In simple terms, a “franchise” is an agreement between two parties which allows one party i.e. the franchisee, to market product or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party i.e. the Franchises in the world.

There are two types of franchise methods - 'Business Format Franchising' and 'Product and Trade Name Franchising'.

Business Format Franchising :
The most common method in the UK is Business Format Franchising. By using this method the franchisor grants the franchisee the rights to use their logos and trademarks, as well as a turn-key system for doing business. A franchisee often received help from the franchisor in regards to site selection, store layout and design, recruiting and training staff, marketing the business, preferred supplies contacts and more.

The franchisee in return has to pay an upfront franchise fee as well as ongoing royalties to the franchisor. The franchisor uses this money to help further develop the system through marketing, product and market research, and ongoing support.

There are many examples of business format franchising opportunities, including – food franchises, automotive franchises, estate agency franchises, retail franchises, recruitment franchises, children's franchises, coffee franchises, pet franchises, fitness franchises to name a few. Many of these are ideal franchises for women, home-based franchises, part-time franchises and mobile franchises, and not all required a high level of investment, some are considered low-cost franchises.

Product and Trade Name Franchising :
The other franchise method is Product and Trade Name Franchising. This type of franchising does not involve royalty fees.

The most important thing that the franchisor provides is the product; the franchisee is required to purchase the product or range of products exclusively from the franchisor. The franchisor also provides national marketing and advertising campaigns, logos and trademarks.

This type of franchising is mainly associated with industries such as petroleum, soft drink distribution and automotive.

Product and Trade Name Franchising has three distinctive characteristics: The franchisee sells goods which are supplied by the franchisor or a person affiliated with the franchisor.

The franchisor helps the franchisee to secure accounts or, depending on the type of business, locations or sites for rack displays or vending machines Within 6 months of opening the business, the franchisee must pay the franchisor or a person affiliated with the franchisor

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